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Touchless ATM Service helps to withdraw Money from Mobile

During the period of Covid-19, every person touches ATM, there is a risk of spreading the infection. However, the company AGS Transact Technologies is bringing a touchless solution available to deal with it with cash and digital payment solutions and automation technology. Using this customers can withdraw money without touching ATM. For this, they will not even need to put a card in the ATM. Let me tell you that AGS installs and manages more than 72,000 ATM machines across the country.

How Touchless ATM Service Work

Cardholders in Touchless solution will be able to take advantage of this facility from mobile. In this, a QR Code will appear on the screen of the ATM, which can be scanned from the mobile and then helps you to withdraw money from the ATM. You will not have to touch the surface or the keypad of the ATM machine. Even customers will be able to enter their ATM PIN from mobile-only. In simple words, the process of withdrawing money from ATMs will be in the same way as you pay from Paytm or Google Pay using QR code. Its demo has been given to Interested Bank by AGSTTL. In such a situation, if approval is received from the bank, then soon money can be withdrawn from ATMs in the country in a contactless manner.


How to withdraw Money

  • You have to open the mobile bank application on your smartphone and then choose the QR Code Withdrawals option.
  • After this, the amount to be released on the mobile app will have to be recorded.
  • After this, the reflecting QR Code will have to be scanned at the ATM.
  • After this, click on the Proceed option on the mobile screen.
  • After this, the security pin will have to be entered to confirm the Transaction.
  • In this way, you will be able to collect receipts and amounts.

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