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How to Increase Vodafone Internet Speed 4G in 2020

Vodafone and Idea merger gives us hope that we will get better connectivity and internet speed. But as we know things not work as it. Many of you DM us on our social media platforms on How to Increase Vodafone Internet Speed 4G in 2020. Earlier we wrote an article on how to increase airtel internet speed, which you all like, so in this blog, we will help you to increase the speed of your Vodafone.

How to Increase Vodafone Internet Speed 4G in 2020

Okay, first we need you to know there are some factors on which your internet speed depends. Factors on which your internet speed depends

  • The age of your phone is one of the factors for your internet speed. Mostly older smartphones do not have the latest technology which eventually results in slow speed.
  • The network band of your smartphone is one of the factors.
  • Make sure your smartphone is up to date, like your smartphone system version may one of the reasons for your slow speed.
  • Now, the important thing is network connectivity in your area, make sure your area has good connectivity.

How to Check Vodafone Tower

So, like airtel, we do not have any official web page to check network connectivity, but you can still check through Open Signal Vodafone.

GPRS Setting

GPRS Setting stands for General Packet Radio Service. The different use of GPRS setting impacts the internet speed of your internet. So, in this blog, we will tell you the perfect setting for your Vodafone network.

Follow these steps to increase your Vodafone 4G Speed

Step 1

First, you need to open the setting of your smartphone. Now, You need to open the SIM Card & Mobile Data panel option.

step 1

Now in Mobile Setting or Sim Info Setting, scroll down, you will get Access Point Name Option. Click on it

step 2

Step 2

Now in this step, we have to change the APN setting. Before that first restore your APN setting by clicking reset to default.

step 3

After resetting APN setting you to need add some modification to it.

Step 3

We are providing you APN setting below that which you need to modify, make sure you will add the same value as we provide you.



Name Vodafone LTE
APN portalnmms
Proxy not set
Port not set
Username not set
Password not set
Server not set
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 9401
MCC default
MNC default
APN Type default,supl
Authentication Type not set
APN Protocol IPV4/IPV6
APN Roaming Protocol IPV4/IPV6
Bearer LTE


After modifying the APN setting, save your setting. It takes around 5 seconds for the network to reset. Now, your new APN setting modified, boom! enjoy your fast internet speed.
If you find any difficulty or any problem just comment below or on our social media platforms, we will reply you within 10 hours. Wrapping the article I wish that you get a solution to your question regarding How to Increase Vodafone Internet Speed 4G in 2020.

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  1. Very Nice, Superb I really don’t that my Vodafone internet speed will increase.

    Before i was having my internet speed of 70-105 KB/s but after doing this, my internet speed comes to 150-260 KB/s.

    Thank you so much Techistaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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