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BHIM App Leak Personal Data of 70 Lakh Users

The government has launched the BHIM app to promote digital payments, which is based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Crores of people use the BHIM app in India but personal information of these people is now under threat. Israeli security firm vpnMentor has claimed in its report that the data of about 7 million BHIM app users in India has been leaked. The company claims that this data was leaked at the time when it was being uploaded to the BHIM app.

Aadhar Card Number Become Public

According to the report of the security firm, a total of 409 GB of data has been leaked, which includes information of the users Aadhaar card, Caste Certificate, Proof of Residence, Bank Records as well as their profile. The report said that the website from which the data has been leaked was being used in the campaign to promote the BHIM app. During that time, business merchants and users were being connected to the app. During data uploading, some data was being stored in the Amazon Web Service S3 bucket which is public. The entire process took place in February 2019.

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Cons of this BHIM Data Leak

After this data leak, the personal information of millions of BHIM app Indian users has reached the hackers. Hackers also have information about your Aadhaar card to the bank. In such a situation, you can easily be made a victim of hacking, although this flaw has been corrected in April, the people whose data has been leaked for them the threat still remains. There has been no statement from the National Payments Corporation and the Computer Emergency Response Team that created the app on this data leak.

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