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Space X First Manned Vehicle Crew Dragon Spacecraft Ready to Go Into Space

A SpaceX rocket is set to fly from the Kennedy International Space Station on Wednesday afternoon, carrying the Dragon capsule along with NASA pilots Doug Hurley and Bob Benken. Complete preparations have been made regarding this. Two astronauts are leaving for space on Wednesday with the help of rockets made by US private company Space X. This is where Neil Armstrong went with his Apollo crew on a historic trip to the moon.

Crew Dragon Spacecraft

This is the first time that a private company is taking astronauts into space instead of the government. For the first time in the last nine years, astronauts will fly from Florida. The rocket will fly at 4.33 am American time. It is being told that the launch of the rocket has taken 45 minutes due to weather failure.

Space X

US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are expected to be present at the International Space Station at four o’clock in the evening at four o’clock. Private company Space X’s rocket has carried goods to the space station at least 20 times. This is the first time he is including humans in his journey. NASA has given the US $3 billion to Space X to develop, manufacture and operate a capsule that sends humans to space.

Space X Launch

Space X History

Significantly, this is the first time since Atlantis discontinued the Special Shuttle program in 2011 when an Astronauts from Florida would launch to the space station and be the first capsule to be manufactured in the US after the Apollo-Soyuz mission in 1975, orbiting humans into Orbit Will take According to reports, the 45th Weather Squadron will continue to monitor the weather until the final countdown. If the launch is called off at the last minute, backup days have been prepared for launch on Saturday and Sunday (30 and 31 May).

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