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World Fastest Internet Speed of 44.2 Tbps Recorded in Australia

Till now you are using the internet in Gbps, but soon you will get internet speed in Tbps. Australia has set a new record by running the Internet at a speed of 44.2 Tbps. That is Insane and really wonderful news.

Researchers at Monash, Swineburne, and RMIT Universities in Australia have been able to run the Internet at the fastest speed of 44.2 Tbps (Terabyte/second). At this speed, you can download 1000 HD movies in the blink of an eye or you can download more than 50 BluRay movies if size 100GB in just one second. For example, popular games like Red Dead Redemption of size 116 GB can be download within a second with this Internet.

44.2 Tbps Speed

The researchers said that they got this speed by using a device that converts about 80 lasers present in the telecom hardware into a device called a micro comb. Researchers have not yet said anything about using it commercially, but it is possible that someday you can use the internet at a speed of 44.2Tbps.


Let us know that earlier in the year 2019, an adult website claimed to run the internet at a speed of 11 petabytes per second. The average internet speed in India is 25–50Mbps and in Singapore, the maximum speed is 193Mbps.

Talking about the fastest internet providers, Google Fiber has a speed of 1,000 Mbps, while Verizon’s 940 Mbps, RCN’s 1,000 Mbps and Xfinity’s Internet speed is 2000 Mbps. Yes, it is true that India is still behind it and we are ranked 132 in mobile and broadband speeds. But on the positive side, India is going to add around 300 million internet users by 2021. In addition, we are improving and our telecom operators are working on it. But it will take time to achieve this.

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