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How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls in Android and iOS

The practice of video calling has increased rapidly during the lockdown. Keeping this in mind, instant messaging app WhatsApp (Whatsapp) has made changes in video calling for its users. Under this change, now 8 users will be able to make video calls in the group once. However, it happens many times that during calling it is very important to record some things. So in this way, today we will tell you a way through which you will be able to easily record WhatsApp video calls. Let’s know the whole way…

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls

A feature is available on Android and iOS platforms through which video calls can be easily recorded. This feature is named Screen Recording. You just have to activate this feature once and after that, the video call will be recorded automatically without any hassle. Let us know that this feature was available on very few devices earlier.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls in Android

  • If your smartphone does not have a screen recording feature, then you will have to go to Google Play Store and download the DU Recorder app. Right now most of the smartphones offer screen recording features.
  • As soon as you open this mobile app, you will have the option of the necessary permission. You have to click on it. After this, you will be able to record video calls easily.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls in iOS

  • Swipe up from the bottom to record a video call, after which the control panel will open in front of you.
  • Now you will see the option of screen recording here, which you have to click on.
  • After doing this your WhatsApp video call will start recording.

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