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Apple Warns iPhone Users for Vulnerable Security Threat

Apple has recently launched iPhone SE 2020 in the Indian market. While the new iPhone remains in the discussion, the company has alerted both its new and old iPhone users. This alert clearly states that iPhone users need to be careful as the company has confirmed a massive iOS security hole that affects almost every iPhone. A report has surfaced that hackers can hack the device by taking advantage of this bug that came in the iPhone. In such a situation, millions of users’ privacy are in danger.

Bug in iPhones

Forbes reports that security firm ZecOps claims that every iPhone running iOS 6 and above is vulnerable to remote attack. At the same time, Apple has also confirmed this. ZecOps says that Apple reported this bug in March but the company showed no seriousness on it. The reason for this bug is the risk of users’ personal data being stolen. Hackers do not have to work very hard for this. Because the data can be hacked using the apps opened in the background of the iPhone.

apple warns iphone users

According to the report, ZecOps says that it is easier to attack iOS 13 than the older generation of iOS. For example, ZecOps states that in iOS 12, attackers require iPhone users to open an email. Whereas in iOS 13, the open mail app can be attacked in the background. Apple has now confirmed that the new iOS 13.4.5 beta has managed to address this flaw and it seems that the company will now speed up its release.

Apple Warns iPhone Users

It has been reported in the report that ‘zero-click’ and mail opening facility is available in the iOS 12 version. In such a situation, by hacking the email, the attacker can leak, modify, and delete the email. While in some cases, it allows access to the device as a whole, but as of now, it has not been confirmed. Apple says that the necessary updates to fix the bug have been prepared and a security patch will be included in the coming days to fix this bug, which will be made available to all users globally.

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