PM Narendra Modi becomes World’s Most Popular leader on Facebook

March 2020 has seen a rapid increase in followers of world leaders. People from all over the world have followed their favorite leaders on social media for updates on the coronavirus.
During this period, the number of followers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased significantly, after which PM Modi has become the first leader in the world to be followed by most people on Facebook. Its information is given by the global communication agency BCW (Burson Cohan & Wolff) in a new report “World Leaders on Facebook”.

To prepare this report, the agency has studied 721 Facebook pages of world leaders in the month of March. Research showed that only in March month, page likes have shown an increase of 3.7%, which is half of the last 12 months. During this time, its prime minister Giuseppe Conte and the Facebook pages of the governments of Austria, Estonia, and Italy have received twice as many likes and followers.

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During this period, PM Modi has also gained a lot of followers on social media. The number of likes on PM Modi’s personal Facebook has gone up to 44.7 million, or 4.47 crore in Indian figures, while the official PM page has 13.7 million or 1.37 crore likes.

PM Modi has become the world’s most popular leader on Facebook with 4.47 million likes. US President Donald Trump is second with 26 million likes. Queen Rania of Jordan is the third most popular leader in the world with 16.8 million likes.

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  1. Modi Ji is the best leader, aapka article bhaut acha h lekin ek sujhav h app article hindi mein bhi daaliye taaki ham Modi ji ka sapna pura kar paaye..

    Jai Bharat Jai Modi

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