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NSE Warns Traders about using Zoom Video Conferencing App

Currently, apart from the coronavirus, the Zoom video conferencing app is also creating a crisis for the people. Through this app, many types of data leaks and cyber attacks have been reported in the past. In such a situation, last week, the Union Home Ministry issued an advisory about the use of this app. Now, the country’s largest stock exchange NSE (National Stock Exchange) has made traders prone to cyber-attack through this app.

The NSE issued a circular to its trading members, warning that after the nationwide lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, people are falling victim to cyber-attacks using the Zoom video conferencing app. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many institutes have asked their employees to work from home. Due to which video conferencing app is being used extensively. Remote meetings and webinars are being organized through platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams.

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It has been found that some of these video conferencing apps are not secure. Because of which personal information such as identity, location, and discussion may have content leaks. The NSE has banned all its members from using the Zoom video conferencing app for meetings, highly sensitive documents of discussion, etc. Although meeting and negotiation are necessary for traders doing work from home, for this, traders using the Zoom app will have to be extremely careful.

Advisory for Zoom Video Conferencing App

While issuing an advisory, NSE said that the Zoom video conferencing app should be kept up to date with the latest updates. Use a strong password or unique password so that your personal information is not leaked during the meeting. The NSE issued a separate circular warning member about cyber attacks like social engineering, ransomware, and phishing, saying that the risk of a cyberattack is the highest at this time.

Zoom Video Conferencing App

In this situation, everyone should be more careful. Do not open any attachments and links in an unknown email. If the grammar of an e-mail is in error and is in a different format, it has been asked to delete the mail so that any kind of cyber attack can be avoided.

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