How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel 4g in 2020

How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel 4g in 2020

We are all in lockdown, due to which internet usage has increased. Everyone knows how the Internet works on mobile data, loading videos and surfing on Instagram becomes a difficult task. So, this article is for those who are using Airtel service, we are going to tell you about How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel 4g in 2020. So, just stick with the article and be ready to boost your internet speed.

How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel 4g

First, we need to check how much network your Airtel sim is getting. It depends on many things like

  • How much old your smartphone is, as an old smartphone does not have the latest network bands and technology.
  • Is your device is up to date? Smartphone manufacturer always sends regular updates to modified your smartphone settings.
  • The main thing is network connectivity in your area. If you have to check how many towers in your area is of Airtel

How to Check Airtel Towers

If you wanted to check how many towers installed in your area of airtel then check out this open network page by Airtel. Just click the link below. You will land on an open network page where you just need to add your Area.

Open Network

GPRS Setting

GPRS Setting stands for General Packet Radio Service. The different use of GPRS setting impacts the internet speed of your internet. So, in this blog, we will tell you the perfect setting for your Airtel network.

Follow these steps to increase your Airtel 4g speed

Step 1

Open the settings of your smartphone, where you will find the SIM Card & Mobile Data option.

step 1

Now in Mobile Data setting you will find the Access Point Name option below. Open this

step 2


Step 2

Now in this menu, first you need to restore your APN setting, for that click on two dots on the top right side, click that and you will get an option to reset your APN setting.

step 3

After resetting, you need to modify your default APN setting

step 4

Step 3

We are providing you setting below that you need to modify, make sure you will add the same value as we provide you.



Proxy not set
Port not set
Username Speed.Max
Password Blank
Server *99#
MMSC not set
MMS Proxy not set
MMS Port default
MCC default
MNC default
APN Type default,supl
Authentication Type PAP
APN Protocol IPV4/IPV6
APN Roaming Protocol IPV4/IPV6
Bearer LTE
After updating the setting, save your APN and after that, for 5 seconds your smartphone network will reset itself. After that enjoy your new internet speed.
If you find any difficulty or any problem just comment below or on our social media platforms, we will reply you within 10 hours. Wrapping the article I wish that you get a solution to your question regarding How to Increase Internet Speed in Airtel 4g in 2020.

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  1. Hello!! In MMS PORT, MCC, MNC as per what you said I kept in default but while saving they ask for 2-3 or 3-4 digits, and because of it I’m unable to save it…can u plz help with this..thank you,!!

    • Hi Anubhav, please try to create a new APN setting, where MMS PORT, MCC, and MNC will be already set at the default settings. Still, if the problem comes, please send us DM on Instagram or Facebook. 🙂 I hope it works for you.

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