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YouTube Premium made its content available for Free,

YouTube Premium has made its original shows available to its users for free in this lockdown. Till now these shows were made available only to users who had YouTube Premium subscription. But from now on, every user will be able to watch these series or shows for free. However, the information about how long they will be made available for free has not been given at the moment. These include Originals shows like Escape the Night and Matpat’s Game Lab and. Earlier Amazon Prime also made more than 60 children’s TV shows, movies available for children for free.

Content which is free without Youtube Premium Subscription

Till now YouTube Premium was providing these shows only with its Premium subscription. Its price is Rs 129 per month. Here we are giving you a list of some YouTube Originals shows which have been made available free to users for a limited time. We have verified the free availability of these shows.

youtube premium

  • Escape the Night
  • Matpat’s Game Lab
  • Step Up: High Water
  • Impulse
  • Sherwood
  • Sideswiped
  • The Sidemen Show
  • Foursome
  • Me and My Grandma
  • F2 Finding Football
  • Overthinking with Kat & June
  • The Fake Show

Earlier, Amazon Prime Video made more than 60 children’s TV shows, movies and nursery rhyme free for children. In it, children can enjoy Peppa Pig, Inspector Chingum, Kalari Kids, Chhota Bheem and Super Bheem movies and Amazon Originals like The Stinky & Dirty Show, Just Add Magic and The Dangerous Book. By visiting Amazon’s page, you will get a landing page in which you will get information about all the free content. There are different categories for preschool, 6 to 11 years old children, popular shows and movies. There is no need for Amazon Prime membership for this. You should only have Amazon membership.

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