Will Power Grid Fails on 5th April at 9 PM for 9 Minutes?

In order to defeat the challenge of Corona spread we need to spread the power of light in the appeal of Prime Minister Narender Modi. This is the next welcome effort of our prime minister to switch off the lights for 9 minutes at 9:00 p.m. on 5th April 2020. It will also prove as a symbol of unity and solidarity.

The generation of light plays an important role. Using it at the same time according to the consumption makes it more surprising since the power generation cannot be stored. So the challenge is expected due to the sudden decrease in power consumption due to switching off the lights throughout the country at 9:00 p.m. The relevant authorities are making necessary efforts to meet the challenge successfully.

Current Power Transmission in India

Currently, India has a power generation capacity of 368.69 gigawatts. Our national grid is capable of transferring 99 thousand MW of power to any corner of the country.

power grid

Electricity Demand in India

India’s domestic demand is around 30 percent while industrial demand is 41 percent. Our agriculture sector has 18% or more electricity demand, but it is seasonal. But the demand for electricity has declined after the lockdown, agricultural demand is almost negligible right now, while the demand for domestic use has increased. As per the data, there is a shortfall of about 20 percent as compared to the demand for the previous year.

According to Power System Operation Corporation Limited, India has a baseload demand of around 160 GW. The POSOCO maintain grid stability and anticipate a certain frequency. As of now, India required frequency ranging from 49 Hz to 51 Hz. The accuracy of prediction is very crucial as we cannot store electricity due to its nature.

electricity demand

Problem on 5th April

It is a prediction that there will be a shortfall of 15-20 GW for 9 minutes. Now if everyone in the country suddenly turns off their power and then again turns on the power. It can cause a sudden dip and rise of voltage results in following complication.

  1. First of all, we need to understand that electricity is always available in power lines, no matter whether you use it or not. Now, if all of a sudden everyone switched off their power it could increase the voltage in the power lines which could obviously lead to the tripping of many transformers and power lines.
  2. Due to the above reason, it can cause a Cascading Effect that means a blackout in the entire power grid.


During this 9minute light out initiative, there has been a shortfall around 15 GW demand. To overcome this POSOCO will have to ramp down electricity supply accordingly to the time period.


  1. The 9 minute time period is very short and robust. In this 9 minute period, the POSOCO needs to ram down the power supply then again returns it to its full strength
  2. Also, many power generators cannot go below certain measuring power. Also, power plants based on Coal cannot go below 55% of full capacity and it takes 2-3 days to restart the plant.

One thing we need to understand if the calculation fails, there could be grid failure and sudden power surge.

The Indian power system is spread throughout the country through five power grid due to the sudden decrease these Power Grids may fail and there will be complete blackout throughout the country. As troubleshooting, let us switch off the lights only and not the refrigerators, fans and other appliances in use. This step will keep using the power supply and the Managing authorities will not face more problems and the appeal of the prime minister will be successful.

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