Top 5 Best Programming Skills for Freshers

Either you are starting with your college or you are in your final year or even you are fresher and started your job recently, all of you will have one major question in your minds, i.e., what programming skills do we need to learn to get a salary in 6 or 7 figures. Some of you want to go to Google, Microsoft or any other big software giant while some want to start freelancing and be a millionaire in your college life.

Whatever be your goal, you should be good at one of the top 5 best programming skills in the market to achieve your goals. In this post, I am going to answer all of your queries. So, grab a coffee and take your first step towards achieving your goals.

Programming Skills to learn

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning

All of you would have heard about the different ways in which machine learning and AI have revolutionized the world. You don’t wanna touch your phone? Google Assistant or Siri is there to help you out. Keep aside the phone, you can even control your home appliances by just speaking. So, If you have a really good grasp over concepts of machine learning, then, there is no one stopping you from getting into google, Microsoft, Amazon or wherever you want to. Machine learning skills will also help you grab an internship in your college life.

2. Data Science

Wherever you see, everyone is doing everything in their reach to get hold of some of your data. Google is trying to access every bit of your activity. So, why data is so useful?? Because there is no AI without data. You need data to train machine learning models. Even for market analysis, you need the bulk of data. This is why skills involving extracting information out of data is important. There is a very high demand for data scientists in the market nowadays.

3. Android Development

Android development

More than a billion Android devices are running. Go to the play store and check the number of downloads of Google App. You will get shocked by seeing that 5 billion-plus number. Even Whatsapp and Facebook have 5 billion downloads. There are millions of apps on play store having millions of downloads.

You can earn plenty of money when a million of users will be using your app. There is also a high demand for android developers in the freelancing word and various multinational companies such as Google, Amazon, etc. It is one of the best programming skills that will help you to earn without doing any 9 to 5 job.

4. Web development

There are billions of websites there on the internet. From small startups to large multinational companies, from small store shops to large networks of big malls, everyone needs a website to increase their online presence to expand their business. People are willing to pay web developers more than 100 dollars per hour just to make a simple website for their business which can easily be constructed using WordPress. So, start working on CSS, javascript from this day itself.

5. Competitive Programming

So, what if your designing skills are not enough to develop innovative android and web applications and neither you are strong at calculus and linear algebra to be a machine learning or data scientist. This is where competitive programming helps you. Every company in the world looks for software engineers who can produce efficient solutions to the problems.

Competitive programming helps you by improving your problem-solving skills. So, If you are good at competitive programming, then, your chance of getting a software engineer role at Google or any other software giant increases by more than 90 percent. Follow my blog and YouTube Channel to learn more about competitive programming.

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