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Outgoing Calls on Jio is not free: New IUC Plans introduced by Jio

What is Interconnection Usage

There is a term called interconnection usage charge(IUC), it is not something that a normal person knows and does not even feel to know about because calls are chargeable. Now, TRAI is trying to revise the interconnection usage charges, which is a charge received by a company carrying incoming, for example; If you call Airtel from Jio then Airtel should get 6 paise per minute charge from Jio.

When Jio came on the market, he mentioned that the voice call would be free on any network in the country. But the interconnection fee was still charged, for which Jio has paid 13,500 crores to Airtel and Vodafone till now. But after the launch, outgoing for Jio has increased and Jio has to pay more to other telecom operators for outgoing.

Recently TRAI has revealed that when you call another operator from Jio, the call is not connected and becomes a missed call. So, Jio user makes a callback for which interconnection fees are applicable. Jio has no limit while other operators like Airtel have a limit of 1400 minutes per week.

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New Changes

Now, Jio has said that they cannot pay more for these charges. They said that Jio users need to pay 6 paise per minute if they call non-Jio users like Airtel or Vodafone-Idea. The calls will be free for Jio to Jio and Jio to a landline.

There are new plans for the IUC charge which you need to avail apart from your existing plan that you are using. Below there are new IUC plans which you need to pay if you wanted to call other users of Airtel and Vodafone-Idea. Still, Jio is giving free 4G data for IUC top-ups.


IUC plan does not have any validity. It will last till your existing plan expiry date.

How to Check your Outgoing usage or IUC?

You can check your usage from your My Jio App. When you open this app, there is an option to check your statement. You can check your usage and avail IUC top-up according to your usage.

According to TRAI, they can remove IUC charges from 1 January 2020. If they do so, then you do not have to pay extra for the outgoing calls. But if these charges are still continued then you need to endow.

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