What if Asteroid Falls on the Earth | What Would Happen?

Ever thought of napping on a couch, resting and feeling satisfied after a meal? In 1954, Ann Hodges was in Alabama doing the same thing when a softball-size hunk of black rock broke through the ceiling bounced off a radio and hit her in the thigh.

Well, that was a meteorite that left a pineapple-shaped bruise on her thigh. What’s more surprising is how much big is the catastrophe occurred by Rock falling from space. Thankfully she didn’t die!

But what can be truly dangerous is a considerably bigger piece of rock which we call asteroid. An asteroid is a minor planet, especially of the inner solar system. Although they orbit the sun, they are too small to be considered as planets.

If an asteroid falls on the earth, what would happen? Would it cause an earthquake or flood?

While meteors can cause the death of various people, on the other hand, an asteroid can swallow a whole species. Dinosaurs told us what an asteroid might do! But before talking about the asteroid which can literally cause extinction, let’s talk about the impact of smaller asteroids.


An asteroid almost the size of a car would burn up in the earth’s atmosphere. Some might explode in an “Airbus” creating a shock wave that can break Windows. A truck-sized asteroid can hit the earth with the force greater than the Hiroshima nuclear bomb and can cause destruction with a range of 1.5 miles. Half a mile-wide crater would be made by 25 story building size asteroid.

What can really cause Global Impact is half a mile wide asteroid. It would destroy an area the size of Virginia. As far as the extinction of species is concerned, a Mount Everest size would do all it takes to vanish the human race along with the destruction of nature.

You might be lying on a couch and reading the article but what you may have never expected is what is above you, the vast space with the cause of your destruction- asteroids!!!!

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