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Trojan found in CamScanner: Remove from PlayStore by Google

Malicious Trojan found in CamScanner app!, delete it NOW!

A Malicious Trojan dropper module has been discovered by the researchers of Kaspersky in CamScanner, a PDF converter app. The researchers claim that the recent versions of The CamScanner app for Android had a malicious Trojan dropper module that could show intrusive ads and was able to sign you up for paid subscriptions.

Since Camscanner was found to come with advertising Malware, Google has removed the CamScanner app from the Play Store. Before the removal of the app, it had more than a hundred million downloads. The researchers from Kaspersky told that it was a clean and authorized app. Earlier, the app showed Ads for monetization and allowed in-app purchases too. Whereas with the recent versions of CamScanner, it was found to come with an advertising library that contained a malicious Trojan.


This module, known as Trojan dropper Android OS.Necro.n was previously discovered in some previously installed apps on Chinese Smartphones.

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Kaspersky reports claims:-

  • The malicious code has been removed in the latest update by the app developers.
  • The app’s resources may include an encrypted file from which the module can extract and run another malicious module.
  • Even if the latest versions of the app is free from the malicious code some may still contain the Malware.
  • The dropped Malware is a Trojan downloaded that may download more malicious modules.

Things to be noted:

  • By the time this news came, The CamScanner app couldn’t be found on the Play Store.
  • Google has removed the app but some older or stale versions of the apps such as CamScanner (HD), Camscanner (License) can still be found.
  • We recommend you not to download any version of CamScanner, if downloaded on your Android device, you must delete it.

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