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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 update features

PUBG Mobile is already with its next big update which also includes Season 9 which will be arriving next month. Season 8, which began in mid-July will soon come to an end around September 12. As always, this information was first disclosed by tipster Mr. Ghost Gaming on YouTube who has given us an early insight on the upcoming changes.

The tipster had shared some of the leaked items that will be arriving with season 9 including gun skins, parachute skins, and more. The following can be expected in the new update:

MPK5 Submachine Gun

All new gun is going to arrive with the new update. Notably, the MPK5 will only be available in the Vikendi map, as G36C as a replacement of SCAR, and is expected to replace the Vector, and it will be coming with three shooting modes- Single, Burst and Auto. The gun is already available on PUBG PC.

Canted Sight

Pissed off with changing scope every time?PUBG might finally surprise us with the arrival of the canted sight on PUBG Mobile. This feature will basically add a secondary scope to your gun and you can easily switch between them. The canted sight helps in close combat, as it helps you to change instantly with a red dot while you snipe.

canted sight


A new vehicle will be introduced, but again it will only be available in Vikendi. It’s a hatchback car that looks like a mini-SUV.

Snow Bike

Snow Bike might finally make an appearance on PUBG Mobile. It is expected to replace the regular bike on the map and will be similar to the one available on PUBG PC.


PUBG Mobile Season 9 will also bring new vehicle skins, weapon finish, parachutes, emotes and new frames. The Golden Pan has shared four new emotes that will be available to Royale Pass subscribers upon completing certain missions and leveling up their RP. There is also going to be an Ace Parachute with “S9” printed on top referring to the season 9.

Similarly, a season 9-themed Kar98 finish looks incredibly cool, but don’t settle for that. New skins for SKS, M16A4, UZI, Pan, and a new Dacia skin for your car are also a cool sight. There’s a new RP 100 outfit that many players are going to love.

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