Professor Javad Shabani along with his team examined the transition of a quantum state from its conventional state 28 new topological state and measured the Energy barrier between the states. The further manage this by directly measuring signature characteristics of this transition in the order parameter governing the new topological superconductivity phase.

According to the professor the research has succeeded in revealing experimental evidence for the new state of matter – topological superconductivity. They focused on strange Majorana particles which are their own antiparticles, substances with the opposite physical charge but with the same mass.

Since their capacity to store Quantum information in a special computation space where the information is protected from environmental noise the Majorana particles fascinate physicists. Professor Shabani further included:” the new discovery of topological superconductivity in a two dimensional paves the way for building scalable topological qubits to not only store Quantum information but also to manipulate the quaQuantummntum states that are free of error”



This revolutionary discovery of a new state of matter is expected to boost the speed of quantum computing and increase storage. Quantum computing is a cutting-edge method which allows exponentially faster performance than traditional computing in which the data is processed in qubits instead of binary bits in the form of 0s and 1s.

This allows values between 0 and 1 to be tabulated which immediately accelerates the speed data that can be processed. This Discovery might increase the probability that quantum computers can become commercially viable.

Uranium ditelluride a superconductor material was first developed in 1970. The scientist from the National Institute of Standards and Technology have discovered the unknown properties of it:-

  1.  It’s unusual and strong resistance to the magnetic field.
  2.  It could be used to design qubit.
  3.  It can sidestep the errors currently common in quantum computers.
  4.  Qubits made from it can be easily shielded from the environment.

These could prove great importance in the development of quantum computers.
Challenges like maintaining Quantum coherence, faced by Quantum computer developers for long enough which perform the required computations can easily be resolved by a superconductor.

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