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Google Ditches Desserts Names | Android 10 is the official name

From the very beginning of Android, they have been really helpful for all of us. Besides the spectacular services and evolution which they provide one of the all-time best eye-catchers has been the names of Android. From Android 1.6 which was named as Donut to Android 2.6 named Gingerbread.

From Android 4.0 named as Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 6 named as Marshmello, to the present ruling Android 9 i.e. Pie. Every time before the launch of the new android people were more interested in knowing the name. It was always based upon some of the desserts or sweets which was really kind of fun.


This time Google gave a hint on the name as it is going to be called Android Q. Right after that people started speculating different sweet names and dishes like Android Quinoa, Android Quesadilla, Android Quiche. But this time Google pulled out a different card and decided not to go with the traditional naming system of android.

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They gave a pretty good reason for that as well in their blog post. Well, the thing is alphabets like L and R are simply not distinguishable in some of the languages around the world. So when people say Android Lollipop it is not that good in different languages. Google also described that is even harder for new Android users to understand which version is new. For New Android users it is harder for getting familiar with this convention.

Google Android Robot Mascot

Final Words

In the end, this time Google has decided, being a global operating system, they want their Android names to be clearer and relatable which will be easier for the users. So next release of Android will be simply called Android 10. This was not it for the Android, Google is planning to get some good new looks for the Android devices this time. The old school Android logo has changed with some minor changes in the Android Robot. As it belongs to everyone in the community and has been the heart of Android for many years. Now it has a more special place in their minds.

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