​What to Choose: Intel or AMD?

We are finally here to answer the most asked question of the year. Which company should we prefer while buying a processor, Intel or AMD?

Well, it depends on the different types of users, what are you gonna use it for, are into gaming or into rendering or in heavy load official work and designing. Different processors are mold in different ways and for different types of people.

It is really important to choose the correct processor which you need not your friend need. Processors simply act as the brain of the machine which you have, so it has to be the best. This is a never-ending deathmatch in which sometimes Intel rules the place and the other day AMD gives people goosebumps by their performance.

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People state that more core and thread are needed in a good CPU. Not Always, if you ask me. When Ryzen jumped into this market, they introduced amazing deals, more cores, and threads at a price which was unbelievable. Although what they introduce in the market is also unbelievable. Ryzen 5 came with 6 Cores and 12 Threads which is amazing for a processor to have. (According to People only)

intel vs amd

Now I will talk about what type of people should go for Intel and who should go for AMD. When I made my PC, I read a lot about both of them. At present when gaming is so important for anybody Intel is ruling the gaming hub, the simple reason behind that is the single-core performance of Intel CPU’s is way better than the ones you will get while having a 6 core Ryzen Processor.

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Intel focuses on higher clock speed and efficiency, which gives you the best gaming performance which you could ever get on an octa-core Ryzen Processor. Still, AMD is ruling the market right now, as it has always been about their high core counts and boosted multi-threaded performance.

Final Words

This means them is no correlation between both of them. Intel is more targetted to the gaming audience which demands high clock speed, gaming, streaming, and recording at the same time which is insane.

And I would like to recommend AMD Processors to people who are more into graphics designing, editing, rendering, and higher official works, which demands more cores & threads, and the 3rd Gen Ryzen Processors are made for the same. Moreover, that doesn’t mean that Gaming is not possible in AMD processors but still, the 3rd Gen Ryzen Processors cannot beat the smoothness and gaming performance of the i5 9600K.

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