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Huawei is making there own Mapping Service to compete with Google Maps

Chinese smartphone company Huawei is working on its own mapping service known as Map Kit. Map Kit would offer developers a street navigation system as well as a way to show users real-time traffic conditions. It would also offer lane change recognition features. The service will be available in 40 languages and will possibly be launched in October. It will cover around 150 “countries and regions”.

China Daily’s source says Huawei will partner with Booking Holdings, a US company. Ironically. Since the Trade War among China and U.S forced the company to scramble to build out its own hardware and software to reduce dependency on US-made tech. In May, the US government gave Huawei a license that expired on August 19th that allowed US tech companies to continue to work with Huawei. So, there’s still uncertainty if Huawei will be able to use Android on its smartphones. Huawei says it plans to stick to using Android on its smartphones “for the time being.”


“If the U.S. government does not allow Google to provide the Android operating system,” Ren told Sky News earlier this month, “then the world may have a third operating system—and that is not in the best benefit or interests of the United States, allowing a little brother operating system into the world”.

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It recently revealed HarmonyOS, a new operating system that is not for smartphones yet.

Google is probably the ONLY company which is successful in navigation service, since 2005. Even Apple failed in this. So, now the question is WILL HUAWEI MAP CAN BEAT GOOGLE MAPS? Huawei would need to invest heavily to compete in maps.

Huawei has certain advantages in its home country because Google didn’t succeed in China. China requires companies to obtain special authorization from the administrative department for surveying and mapping under the State Council and securing this is incredibly difficult for a foreign company. Hence, Google Maps could never show the map of any Chinese city properly. Huawei has an edge over there, but globally, it’s a real challenge for them.

Earlier this month, Google Maps added a range of new tools that are aimed at making travel plans simpler and seamless. Google Maps will now show all your flight and hotel reservations under ‘Your Places’ in the app menu. A dedicated ‘Reservations’ tab will open a list of upcoming trips. The details are accessible even when you are offline, the official blog notes.

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