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Best Budget Gaming PC Build under 25000 : Play PUBG , GTA V on 60 fps

With the increasing trend of Gaming in India, the hardware requirements are also increasing day-by-day and gamers out there are looking for the best gaming experience which they could make them a champ in any of the trending or competitive games. There were days when getting a PC build was not less than rocket science and people were used to buying the pre-built PC builds from various manufacturers which only helped the manufacturers to make a good sum of money.

But nowadays, people are willing to get a self-customized PC Build which is, of course, an amazing thing but not everybody has the perfect knowledge about the various parts which are going to be the best for the money which you are paying. Not a big though, you are a gamer, not an engineer. But here I m today, with an Rs. 25000 Intel-Based PC Build which will simply help you to get 60+ FPS in games like PlayersUnknowns Battleground(PUBG), Apex Legends, GTA V and many more.

Before we start I would like to tell you all that all the parts have been purchased from the offline market so price components may vary. If you have access to a good offline market like Lamington Road or Nehru Place then you can build the same PC as we have here and if you cannot go to market then consider buying things from the affiliate links given to all with the products. So let us get started.

We have to begin with the core of the gaming PC i.e. the processor of the PC build. Here it is:

Intel Pentium G4560 Processor


It is a dual-core processor that has 2 cores and 4 threads. We are choosing Intel because of the single-core performance which it gives till the date is unbeatable. It can handle any game easily and can give you a smooth gaming performance. It is also known as the Budget Gaming King. This was the first Intel Processor which was launched with hyperthreading which simply improves the performance of the processor. It comes with a stock cooler with it which means it will be staying really cool while playing heavy games like PUBG on it.

Gigabyte H110M-S2 Motherboard


The motherboard which we are choosing here is based on the Intel H110 chipset. The motherboard is really worth for the price which it is available at right now. The Processor will be giving the best performance out of it after they both are connected. The only thing is this motherboard will not be supporting any sort of overclocking with it as it is a basic motherboard.

HyperX DDR4 8GB (2400MHZ) Module RAM


Now here comes the deal. This memory module of HyperX is an 8GB Module available in the market for somewhere around Rs. 3400 and gives the best gaming performance and will be suiting the PC build which we are aiming to make. This memory module will be the game changer and the heart of this gaming PC build which we are making under Rs. 25000 for playing Triple-A titles.

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Sapphire Radeon RX 470 4GB GDDR5 OC


Well we all know, no game will be running at its best without the GPU or what you call is a graphics card. This graphics card or GPU i.e. RX 470 4GB OC Edition comes from Sapphire and is worth the price you will be paying. It simply manages to give you good 60+ frames in PUBG, Apex Legends, and GTA V and 144+ FPS in CSGO. It is much better than the 1050ti in the market and offers good value for money.

Kingston 240GB SSD 


When it comes to storage, I simply prefer having an SSD in your PC as it simply smoothens all the processes and gives you 20 to 30% improvement in the game which you are going to play on the PC and reduces the boot time of your PC. It simply depends upon you, if you really need storage then you can go with any HDD available in the market.

Corsair VS450 PSU


Without this, you won’t be able to run your PC. Yes, it is the Power Supply Unit of your PC. Here, I m going with the Corsair VS450 Power Supply which is available in the market for Rs. 2000 only and completely fulfills the need for the components of your PC Build.

Antec NX100 Gaming Cabinet


When it comes to the PC cabinet, if you are building an amazing beast for playing awesome games, then you also need a good looking, sleek and a good Gaming Cabinet. The Antec NX100 Gaming Cabinet simply fulfills all the above-mentioned needs. It is simply available for Rs. 2000 in the market.

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Final Words

So these were all the components that we needed in this amazing PC Build. After playing a couple of games on this PC we are pretty satisfied and are really happy to share this Budget Gaming PC Build with you all. This Rs. 25000 Budget Gaming PC Build gave an amazing response to us. It gave 68-75 FPS in PUBG on Medium Settings and 70 FPS in Apex Legends and 55-60 FPS in GTA V. So hope you all liked the PC Build which we suggested you all. I hope this will help you to build your dream PC build & if you guys need any suggestion for your budget gaming PC build. Then consider contacting us or just drop a comment down below, we will be really happy to help you out.

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