Whatsapp adding a Boomerang feature like Instagram


Every Instagram user is well aware of the Boomerang feature, where one can make short videos (usually funny) on a loop. Whatsapp, a popular instant messaging app is also working on bringing the same feature to its application.

According to WABetaInfo, the feature is still in development and might take a few months to be released for everyone. Additionally, any video of fewer than 7 seconds can be converted as a boomerang, unlike Instagram, which only allows live Boomerangs.

On Instagram, if you see, there’s a separate option for recording Boomerangs, but in WhatsApp, the option will be available in the video panel itself and one should ensure that the video is of 7 seconds or less.


The step by step method is following

Status section> hold on to the capture button and shoot a video for less than seven seconds. If the video is less than seven seconds, WhatsApp will show the Boomerang option on the top right.

Currently, on the top right, there are two options- the standard video and the GIF option. Once the Boomerang feature rolls out, there will be another option to convert the less than seven-second video to a Boomerang.

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The feature isn’t available yet and as mentioned above, it might take a few months. iOS users will be able to use the feature pre Android users.

Also, this Boomerang feature will be available in person as well as group chats.

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