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Facebook Plans to Add its name on Instagram and WhatsApp

‘Facebook’ plans to suffix its name, post-Instagram and WhatsApp. ‘Instagram from Facebook’ and ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ will they then be.

“The names on a device’s home screen will stay the same for now, but the new name will likely appear when you open it”, The Independent, a U.K. Daily reports.

The basic idea of doing all this is to clarify that these apps are linked to Facebook. Ever since Facebook bought both WhatsApp and Instagram, it has mostly left the apps to run separately and on their own.

That has extended to the branding of both apps. On WhatsApp and Instagram, there was no overt suggestion that Facebook owns either app.
The company said it had made the decision “to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook.”

That will allow people to send messages from Instagram’s D.M.s to WhatsApp chats, Zuckerberg suggested early this year.
However, today if you want to message people on Facebook, you have to use Messenger, on Instagram, you have to use Direct, and on WhatsApp, you have to use WhatsApp.

“We want to give people a choice so they can reach their friends across these networks from whichever app they prefer.”

“The move is part of a broader change towards linking the three apps together and bringing them under the Facebook banner, according to The Information, which first reported the change”, says The Independent.

Bloomberg quoted this change as a controversial one as both the apps emerged individually at the start.

Facebook and Instagram share infrastructure, systems, and technology with Facebook companies (which include WhatsApp and Oculus), also they have around 2.6 billion users together.


Facebook brought Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014. Since then, it has experimented with many new features both. Even I.G. has an app with a similar name ‘Boomerang from Instagram’.

In 2013, Facebook also proposed to buy the most sought photo-sharing app, Snapchat. But it was denied from the latter side. Facebook then, cloned Snapchat’s most distinctive feature -Stories- and added it into Instagram, WhatsApp, and the Facebook app.


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