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New Gaming chipset by MediaTek : G90 and G90t

MediaTek has recently launched its Helio G90 series which is a high-end gaming chipset for budget and mid-range smartphones with much more enhanced intelligent networking, rapid touchscreens, and vivid visuals. Mediatek Helio G90 and G90T compete with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 where it beats it at many stages and lags behind in others so let’s have a look what It has to offer us.

G90 and G90T come with upgraded octa-core CPU boost speed up to 2.05GHz. G90 series has a 9% increased performance than its other competitors as it is using a mix of the latest Arm Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 in combination with a large L3 cache.

Also Through Manhattan benchmark, it is up to 26% faster and speeds up to 800 MHz 800MHz with the latest Arm Mali-G76 3EEMC4 GPU you can play Fortnite and PUBG incredibly smoothly. Its supports up to 10GB of LPDDR4x at 2133MHz1 (4266MHz1 effective) provides generous bandwidth and memory capacity, while the latest UFS 2.1 storage yields ultra-fast data-streaming.


Gaming is not the only thing that G90 offers it is also the first chip to bring the latest 64MP1 4-cell sensor cameras into your hand, so you can capture incredibly detailed photos or use quad-pixel technology to take night-shots with the best low-light performance ever and it also supports 240fps video recording. The smartphone will first showcase in a Xiaomi smartphone.

It’s also introduced a so-called HyperEngine suite of technologies that improve gaming and performance in general. These technologies include a Networking Engine (intelligently triggering concurrent Wi-Fi and LTE connections when Wi-Fi degrades), the ability to connect to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi simultaneously, intelligent resource management, a Rapid Response Engine (improving touch input), and a Picture Quality Engine (supporting HDR10).

We all have faced problems like game lag and server disconnection while playing PUBG and Fortnite whenever you receive someone’s call G90 has solved this issue as well so no disturbance this time. It has 222,282 AnTuTu benchmark which is slightly higher than Snapdragon 730.

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