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OnePlus is Sending your Data to Chinese Firm

OnePlus is the No.1 Smartphone company in the premium segment in India. The company changes the pattern of smartphone peddle. The company has grown so much in these few years and becomes a tough competitor for big smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple. They provide premium features in an affordable range. They are providing features for 35k whereas for the same the other manufacturers charge more than 70k.

The popularity of the company increased rapidly in 2018 with the launch of OnePlus 6, and then when OnePlus 6t is launch we see the true potential of the OnePlus. The popularity can be seen with there OnePlus community also. Being a Chinese company OnePlus doesn’t work like other typical Chinese manufacturers.

Yes, I am talking about the Data Leaking which we see most in the Chinese brands. But Recently we get to know that OnePlus is sending users data on Singapore servers which are owned by the Chinese firm. Let’s check out the detailed story on it.

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OnePlus Push Beta Update

OnePlus recently extricate the latest OxygenOS Open Beta 17 update to the following devices

  • OnePlus 5
  • OnePlus 5T
  • OnePlus 6
  • OnePlus 6T

The updates come with some changes in the functionality of the device. It also comes with some of the features like they enable live background activity for apps. Also, the updates added a new UI for updates with enhancement in search functionality in the OnePlus community app. Now with this update, you can use Quick Reply feature in landscape mode that is limited. Also, now these OnePlus devices got new and very important features that a hallmark gives out a warning on overheating of the device.


The update brings out with the other new features embrace in this update. This feature is an Intelligent Cleanup feature by the Chinese internet giant Tencent. This app is called ‘Clean’ and is installed in the File Manager and is exclusively for Indian users.

Fault in Cleanup Feature

The cleanup app quite seems pretty weird and that is it separates unnecessary files on the device for the user to cleanout. The app asks some unusual permissions from the users which seems to be wretched. The statement comes by the Oneplus that says the app must be given the permissions to send all the data on the Tencent servers. But this is not the generic data like Android Version, language, region, hardware model. The device is sending sensitive and private data such as caching details and app usage.

Oneplus users from there community raised the voice against this major data leak scandal. It is big bloatware in the Oneplus device and it is unexpectable from the company like Oneplus. Oneplus users started a petition on Reddit against the firm to remove the file cleanup app.

Petition for OnePlus to remove the file manager clean up, made by Tencent

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