What is Mouse DPi? Highest Mouse DPi Settings

What’s Mouse DPi?

In the market there exist different categories in mouse whether it be a normal official work mouse or a gaming mouse. Every single one of them has a different kind of Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Where regular mice are really amazing and comfortable for the office work and Gaming Mouse have got few different criteria’s to be good at whether it be the grip of the mouse or the textures or the quality of products used in it but another important aspect on which a gaming mouse is measured on i.e. DPI of that particular mouse.


Well, Mouse DPi simply refers to the Dots Per Inch (DPI) which a mouse can cover when you are gonna move it an inch. In simple words, if you ask me DPI Mouse simply refers to the sensitivity of the mouse or the amount of the movement a mice is gonna take when we are gonna move it a bit. I hope you understood it.

IS DPI Really Important?

It is, of course, a very major criterion for the mouse to be measured at reason being the gamers in the market are really looking for the mouse which is having a higher DPI number. Generally, a regular working mouse does have the DPI of 400-1000 dots per inch, whereas, a gaming mouse has a DPI mouse of somewhere 400-16000 dots per inch.

Hell Yeah!!. 16K DPI is a very high sensitivity level on which no gamer can play the games easily for the same example I am gonna show you in this video that what’s the difference in the gameplay when you just get the DPI at an average of 400 DPI and then at the average of 16K DPI. After that, I will talk to you about. At which level of DPI you should play your multiplayer and single-player games at? So enjoy the video and then read the remaining article.


Best DPI for You?

After listening to the whole video now you must be aware of the fact that how important DPI is at times in your FPS games like CS: GO, APEX LEGENDS and other games like that. So now for which DPI you should go for in case you are willing to get the best of your performance in any of the above-mentioned games. So if you are a gamer then you can easily set your Mouse dpi from somewhere 2000-4000 DPI, this is the idlest DPi mouse settings on which you can get for gameplay as you must have seen above in the video how smooth the gameplay was at 4000 DPI and then when you go higher and higher the sensitivity goes on increasing which makes it a bit difficult to play the game as mentioned above.

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So now the question which arises is when a Mouse DPI of 4000 to 5000 is more than enough for gaming then why it is necessary to manufacture mouses with 16000 DPI. You must be feeling it is a waste of money in mice if you go for a 16000 DPI Mouse. Yeah, it may be waste of money for you, but it is a really necessary thing at times like if you do have 3 big 4K monitors and you have to go from one corner of the screen to another then doing it with a mouse of 2000 DPI it will almost take a month for you to reach there. Just Joking but yes it will become a lot easier to drag folders and files from place to another. As I showed in the video above how flexible and smooth it is to move a folder on a 4K Monitor at 12K DPI.

Final Words

So for the conclusion, here are the words I am going to leave you all with, DPI is just the sensitivity of the mouse i.e. the movement it is going to make when you move it a bit i.e. what Mouse DPi stands for Dots Per Inch (DPi) a mouse is going to cover. A Higher DPI mouse is also necessary at times like when you have a big 4K display it is required. The idlest DPI Mouse at which you should play your games at ranges from 2000-4000 DPI. I hope you liked the article and it cleared your doubts and make sure to subscribe to our Channel Techistaan on YouTube to never miss any of the updates from our side.

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